Monday, November 3, 2008


To be safe and calm in public places, we must always be aware of the ever-presence threat of criminals looking for easy prey. Criminals by nature are lazy and are seeking easy victims. They just hate to have to fight or work for their booty. Therefore, the more prepared we are, the more aware we are, and trained, especially in street defense skills, then, the more victim-proof we are. 

Some useful things to know are:

1. Always be aware of your surroundings; who's around or near you? Any suspicious characters around? Does he/she have buddies with them? 

If confronted, stay calm and obey attacker's request for your money, wallet, etc. However, if you feel that he wants more after that or your life is endangered or told to go with him to another location, fight like hell to escape. Statistics prove that survival is slim to none if the victim is transported to another location. 

2. What are my escape routes in case I need to run away to safety?
3. Stay in highly travelled, well-lit areas with lots of people and avoid dark, deserted places such as dim-lit alleyways. 
4. What weapons do I have on hand? Keys, umbrella tips, lit cigarette, high heels, etc. 
5. What targets on attacker's body can I strike for maximim impact: eyes, front and side of neck, chin, ears, groin, and kneecaps. Best to aim and strike from shoulder up and from waist down targets. 
6. To attract attention for help in emergencies, yell 'Fire!' instead of 'Police!'
7. Hit attacker multiple times for a chain effect, then, run away. 
8. Call police once in a safe place. 
9. Use a buddy system versus walking alone especially at night. 
10. Enroll in and take practical street self defense classes and stick with it long-term; avoid business-oriented chain martial arts schools that charge high fees, teach myriad forms to memorize, or only teach flashy, useless moves. Focus on practical, effective, easy to learn techniques that can be used when that adrenal dump happens and fine motor skills go out the window. 

11. Above all, rely on God and divine protection via prayer: for instance, Archangel Michael, is assigned as our guardian angel. You may call to him in emergencies simply by shouting, 'Archangel Michael, help me!' or simply 'Michael, help me!' You may visualize him as a 12-foot tall majestic angel with flowing blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, with large white wings and wielding a broad long sword overshadowing and escorting you wherever you go. (Visit for more info on how to work with angels in our lives)

Hope you will find these pearls useful in keeping you safe and sound. May God bless you with his Love and Light. Until next time....

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Everywhere we look today, we see serious challenges to our personal freedoms to both our physical and soul beings.  We and those we love, are losing our jobs, maxxed out on credit cards, losing our homes, yielding up our privacy to big brother's prying eye in the sky satellites or street cams, exposed to harmful chemtrail aerial sprayings over our cities, genetically engineered Frankenfoods, and now, military troops on our streets. Moreover, not to mention losing our elected reps' ears in DC as they turn a deaf ear to our demands not to bail out the big boys big banks.....crisis everywhere.....what are we to do?

---May I suggest that we turn back to our Source, our Creator, the great I AM THAT I AM, who created all and has the divine solutions to ALL of our human-created problems? 

Simply take a minute, close your eyes, and visualize the divine spark, the inner sun located within your heart center, take some deep breaths and feel your connection to the Creator...for He is with you all along...just as the Galilean Master taught: "The kingdom of God is WITHIN you..." He wasn't kidding....try this and be comforted...until next time, stay safe and may God bless you with His Love and Light always .