Sunday, October 5, 2008


Everywhere we look today, we see serious challenges to our personal freedoms to both our physical and soul beings.  We and those we love, are losing our jobs, maxxed out on credit cards, losing our homes, yielding up our privacy to big brother's prying eye in the sky satellites or street cams, exposed to harmful chemtrail aerial sprayings over our cities, genetically engineered Frankenfoods, and now, military troops on our streets. Moreover, not to mention losing our elected reps' ears in DC as they turn a deaf ear to our demands not to bail out the big boys big banks.....crisis everywhere.....what are we to do?

---May I suggest that we turn back to our Source, our Creator, the great I AM THAT I AM, who created all and has the divine solutions to ALL of our human-created problems? 

Simply take a minute, close your eyes, and visualize the divine spark, the inner sun located within your heart center, take some deep breaths and feel your connection to the Creator...for He is with you all along...just as the Galilean Master taught: "The kingdom of God is WITHIN you..." He wasn't kidding....try this and be comforted...until next time, stay safe and may God bless you with His Love and Light always .